educational share trading game

3,2,1 … and we’re live!

We’re proud to announce that the website for SI:REDUX, the online share trading game, went live on 12 August 2020! SI:REDUX is the brainchild of Refined Practice KlG, the people who previously ran the online part of the Student Investor Challenge.

You can read all about the who, what and why behind SI:REDUX here, including details on when we plan to launch the game itself and how you can support its development.

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We need your support to develop and run SI:REDUX, so please consider making a donation below or contact us about sponsorship and advertising opportunities on

Online donations can only be made using a credit card and are processed by Stripe (read their privacy policy) on behalf of Refined Practice KlG, the company that owns and runs SI:REDUX. Refined Practice receives your name and email address, we never have access to your card details.