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SI:REDUX – who, what and why?

Last updated: 21 June 2021

SI:REDUX is an online stock market trading game designed to be used as a learning aid by teachers of students aged around 13-19 years old. The game is open to anyone, but is primarily aimed at teachers of secondary school pupils in the UK to use as a replacement for the Student Investor Challenge which is sadly not going ahead in 2020/21.

SI:REDUX is now closed for 2021. If you would like to see SI:REDUX return for the 2021/22 academic season please contact us.

Key features

  • Simple: SI:REDUX is designed to be easy to understand and easy to integrate with your lessons. It’s not a fully featured stock market simulation, it’s first and foremost a learning tool to help teach the basics of how stock markets work.
  • Designed for teachers: We will be including a host of supporting materials to support use of SI:REDUX.
  • 2020-friendly: We’re living in difficult and unpredictable times, so we’re designing SI:REDUX to be as flexible as possible for easy use in groups face-to-face, over Zoom lessons or individually online by students.
  • Privacy respecting: Websites are increasingly data-hungry and it’s not a trend that we like, so we promise to only collect the data that we need to run the challenge. That means the bare minimum from teachers and nothing at all from your students, ever. We also don’t allow any third-party tracking on the site – no Google, no Facebook, no Twitter, nothing. read more

Who runs SI:REDUX?

SI:REDUX is a product of Refined Practice KlG, a small business registered in Switzerland in the Canton of Zurich Commercial Register as a partnership (‘Kollektivgesellschaft’) with company number CH- You can read our entry on the Zurich business register here.

When will the SI:REDUX game run?

The first full version of the game launched late October 2020. The game will run until at least Easter 2021 – if we can generate sufficient support we will run the game until the end of June 2021 and annually from September-June thereafter.

How can I get involved?


We need your support to develop and run SI:REDUX, so please consider making a donation below or contact us about sponsorship and advertising opportunities on

Online donations can only be made using a credit card and are processed by Stripe (read their privacy policy) on behalf of Refined Practice KlG, the company that owns and runs SI:REDUX. Refined Practice receives your name and email address, we never have access to your card details.