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Character design: Meet Monkey

When possible, we like to inject a bit of fun into our site designs, especially when they are aimed at a younger audience. So, for SI:REDUX we want to include a few characters in the game.

We thought we’d go with a Minecraft* style illustration for our characters. We love Minecraft… and it’s also a fairly easy style to illustrate! So without further ado and with this all important disclaimer…


Meet Monkey!

Here is Monkey v1. He’s a curious fellow and is currently sitting for a good think about the shares he might invest in, which is curious, as we know we’ve programmed him to pick at random.

The role of Monkey in the game to to show what happens if shares are picked entirely at random, but who knows, maybe if we had 1000s of monkeys all picking shares at random we’d end up with the works of Shakespeare written out in company names!

Monkey is a bit of fun in the game but he does provide a bench mark for teams to try to beat. If you’re not ahead of Monkey, maybe more thought is needed in your investments … just sayin’.

Hope you enjoyed this sneek peek of what’s to come. Keep checking in for more updates.


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