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Registration is open

SI:REDUX is now fully open for business! You can sign up for a team manager account on our registration page and then set up as many player teams as you want for your students.


What’s new?

Here is a quick round up on what we’ve added since the start of the beta test:

  • Team Management: SI:REDUX is primarily designed to be used in classrooms (virtual or face-to-face), team management helps you do that. Teachers should register for a manager account. You can use the manager account to set up any number of player teams. As the manager you can also suspend your player teams or reset their passwords at any time.
  • No team size restrictions: Player teams can have as many or as few members as you want, and players can be in as many teams as you want, it’s completely up to you.
  • Minimised data collection: Privacy is a big thing for us so we don’t collect data unless we need it to run the game. We only collect the email address from team managers and we don’t collect any data at all from player teams.
  • Personalised league tables: All your player teams (plus your manager team) are automatically linked into a league table, making it perfect for setting up a class or school league.
  • Swap teams: As a manager you can swap the team you are using to any of your player teams. This means you can see exactly what they have been trading without ever having to juggle user names and passwords.
  • Expanded company data: We’ve got a whole host of data on every company in SI:REDUX (alongside some nifty charts) to help you and your player teams choose how to invest their virtual money.
  • Full transaction log: Each team can access a full log of all their transactions, including their own notes.

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