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Earnings-per-share (EPS): Part 1

One valuation method for companies is earnings-per-share, usually referred to just as EPS. The basics of EPS are easy to understand.

Data, data, everywhere…

The biggest issue we face when putting together SI:REDUX is getting hold of quality stock market data that we can legally use at an affordable price. Initially we were hoping that the EU’s MiFID II directive would be useful to us here. MiFID II requires financial markets to make delayed stock market data available free […]

3,2,1 … and we’re live!

We’re proud to announce that the website for SI:REDUX, the online share trading game, went live on 12 August 2020!

Starting the build

Welcome to SI:REDUX, a completely new share trading game that is privacy-friendly and easy for teachers to use in a flexible way face-to-face or online.


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