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Full League

This league table shows every team trading in SI:REDUX.

Trading is currently closed

Trading is open Monday to Friday between 4:30am and 8:00pm Eastern Time (New York Time). Trading is also closed on public holidays in the US.

The day and time in New York when you loaded this page was 10:54pm on Sunday.

Rank Team Portfolio Value ($) Change (% value) Change (rank)
1Swiss Efficiency137,637.19+0.36
2Railway Humorless Partnership133,242.74-3.18
3Holy Breadgetters124,909.52-0.84
4Derrick's Scone Army124,037.84-0.19
5Randomly Refined121,747.59-1.01
6Seacliff Trading Inc.118,990.41+0.15
7Apache Numeral International116,450.09+0.26
8Quilt Manned Traders115,489.78-0.34
9Art Tiring Consultants115,093.67-0.46
10Overhead Barcode Investing114,867.68-0.57
11RIC Investors114,596.26-0.85
12Undrilled Stifle Consulting114,317.21+0.32
13Paralyses Difficult International114,022.95-0.69
14Preshow Moody Partners113,316.54-1.16
15SI:REDUX Market   MARKET 112,562.53-0.33
16Boastful Unbitten Incorporated111,327.45-0.53
18Hurled Abdominal Partners110,451.96+0.02
19Uncurious Padlock Incorporated110,139.02-0.13
21Lobby Investments109,604.03-0.03
22Antelope Headroom Investors109,445.05-0.04
23Overtake Visible Trading109,298.37+0.00
24Cheddar Hatchery Partnership108,963.27-0.58
25Eclair Could Investing108,752.680.00
26Nibble Padding Investing108,651.24-0.98
28Massive Encode Managers107,252.18-0.01
29Matrix Vanquish Partnership103,104.11-0.48
30Squatting Aside Consultants101,331.36+0.05
31Film Duct Managers98,500.50-0.18
32Reboot Reforest Consultants97,055.59-0.04
33Zookeeper Cannabis Investors95,409.40-0.96


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